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The key to getting the most out of your mining infrastructure investment is real-time and actionable data. MineCheck’s proprietary software enables operation teams to automatically deploy, configure, and monitor the environment in real-time, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced costs.

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Software Features

In our increasingly fast paced and evolving environments, it is essential for operations teams to be equipped with the right tools for standing up new equipment, getting it configured, and keeping eyes on its output. These features allow teams to take swift and appropriate action to ensure a fully functioning, optimized environment.


Design your infrastructure layout including racks, power distribution units, network, and miner positioning.


Automate the configuration process by creating custom configuration templates that can be batch pushed to miners with a few clicks.


Gain real-time insight into the performance of the environment and act promptly when the software reveals trouble or optimization areas.

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The world’s most powerful and easy-to-use APIs

We agonize over the right abstractions so your teams don’t need to stitch together disparate systems or spend months integrating payments functionality.

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