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Our software solutions are efficient and intuitive, saving you time and money

Managing today's digital mining & high-performance computing infrastructures comes with various challenges, such as rising costs, poor scalability, and lack of critical operational insights. Our software solutions and thoughtful approach are here to help.

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Why MineCheck?


Our team is well-versed, knowledgeable, and proficient in all aspects of software development, digital mining operations, and hardware infrastructure management. Our software solutions have been built from the ground up and are designed to take advantage of new development languages and computing power.


Our solutions come pre-packaged while also offering the ability to include any necessary custom scripting and additional features that pertain to your specific needs. Our solutions provide extensive insight into a wide range of operational data, including uptime, device temperature, CPU utilization, and memory utilization, and answer questions such as whether the device is responding, how long it’s been running, and what the error codes are if an issue arises.

Eyes on the future

We’re dedicated to keeping our eyes on emerging trends and implementing new technologies to provide our customers with a competitive edge. We’re continuously improving our process and expanding our knowledge base in order to deliver impactful results.

The Minecheck Mentality

We’re problem solvers. Creative innovators. Connected networkers. In a constantly changing world, our mindset, knowledge, and experience are our greatest strengths.

Kyle’s (MineCheck) vast experience as a technician and software developer provides us with a unique resource that ‘money can’t buy’. As a software engineer he thinks about product development in a methodical way; planning for the future. He is able to draw on his experience as a user of his own software to develop nuanced and high-value features that even the customer might not know they needed. As a person, Kyle is a pleasure to work with – he shares our values and puts client relationships first.

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