Minecheck Co-Founder and CEO Kyle Sidles Moves Forward With Filecoin MinerX3 Fellowship Program


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Minecheck, a company offering proprietary software for the cryptocurrency mining industry, as well as Fielcoin deployment services, announces today that its Co-Founder and CEO Kyle Sidles is moving forward in the third term of Filecoin’s MinerX Fellowship Program. He joined the program this past January during its launch, when he was one of 30 fellows chosen worldwide based on demonstrated expertise and contributions to improving the Filecoin network.

Filecoin’s MinerX Fellowship Program engages small and medium-sized miners distributed across the world to help improve Filecoin’s experience and productivity in the early stages of the network. It is designed to build a solid foundation of geographically-diverse, reliable, long-term storage options to accelerate the development of tools and services in the Filecoin ecosystem. Additionally, the MinerX program identifies areas to improve the experience of being a miner for the rest of the Filecoin community.

MinerX Fellows are selected based on their past contributions to improving the network, including: willingness to help and provide support for other miners and community members; participation and engagement in the Filecoin Slack and in other parts of the ecosystem; demonstrated attention to dealmaking/storage on Filecoin; and geographical and hardware setup diversity.

“I was honored to be chosen as a Filecoin MinerX Fellow and am thrilled by the opportunity it has created to enhance the Filecoin ecosystem,” said Sidles. “Filecoin is at the forefront of the decentralized storage movement, and we’ve already had tremendous interest from our clients in helping them plan, deploy and optimize their Filecoin investment.”

Sidles co-founded Minecheck in early 2020, after nearly 10 years working in the cryptocurrency mining industry, during which he built and ran large scale data centers focused on blockchain processing. Previously, he was involved in computer technologies, including database design, programming, network infrastructure and application deployment, directing teams of developers in the United States, India and China to successfully build and launch over 200 various software projects.

For more information about Minecheck’s mining software and Filecoin deployment services, please visit www.minecheck.com.

To learn more about Filecoin’s MinerX Fellowship Program, please visit their blog at https://filecoin.io/blog/posts/filecoin-minerx-fellowship-program/.

About Minecheck

Minecheck is an upcoming leader in the cryptocurrency mining and decentralized finance industries. Their proprietary software, which can be whitelabeled, enables cryptocurrency mining operation teams to automatically deploy, configure, and monitor the environment in real-time, reducing the personal and operating expense of a facility by almost 68 percent. Minecheck also offers Filecoin deployment services, working with clients to plan, deploy and optimize their Filecoin investment. They have over 10 years of industry experience with 10,000+ miners deployed. For more information, please visit www.minecheck.com.