Capturing Data to Manage Your Cryptocurrency Mining Environment


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Consider this: as of March 2021, the total global market capitalization of all cryptocurrencies totaled $1.77 trillion, making it the 8th largest economy globally. Furthermore, the global income generated through cryptocurrency mining is estimated at over $20 billion per year. In fact, cryptocurrency mining produced 63 million U.S. dollars during a single day in January 2021.

These numbers are poised to grow as more cryptocurrencies launch through initial coin offerings (ICOs) and the value of cryptocurrencies continue to climb. Needless to say, the cryptocurrency industry – once considered “just another fad” – is only becoming more widespread and mainstream.

As mining in particular has taken hold among both seasoned professionals and interested individuals, the need for sophisticated software to manage mining operations has become readily apparent.

Configuring, deploying and monitoring miners can be an incredibly time-consuming, complex process, not to mention the cost associated with maintaining a mining infrastructure.

This is where we enter the picture. At Minecheck, we offer proprietary software that is hyper-focused on capturing a wide range of data to help cryptocurrency miners get the most from their mining infrastructure investment. From collecting key statistics — such as detailed miner data that is available around the clock — to predicting potential device failures, our software provides valuable insight into the performance of mining environments

Imagine that your cryptocurrency mining operation was able to communicate with you, telling you if it was running too hot, suddenly went down, or needed a repair. Our software acts as a communication tool, providing real-time, actionable data that allows operators to take swift, appropriate action to ensure a fully functioning, optimized environment.

Cryptocurrency mining has truly become a global endeavor as more and more people reap its financial rewards. Indeed, in January of 2021, it was announced that Bitcoin mining had even reached the Arctic Circle in Norilsk, a city reachable only by plane or boat. And even with the recent crypto mining crackdown in China, miners are showing no sign of giving up or slowing down.

As the ability to capture and analyze data has proven its value in nearly every industry, cryptocurrency mining is no different. For more information on how we can help you optimize your mining environment, or to schedule a free demo of our software, please contact us today.