Who We Are

We’re problem solvers, creative innovators, and connected networkers. In a constantly changing world, our mindset, knowledge, and experience are our greatest strengths.

Our Values

At MineCheck, we place great emphasis on leading by example, living out our values, and treating human beings as the humans they are. We work each day to adhere to our guiding ethos – not just in our interactions with clients, but with all those we encounter on a daily basis. Here is that ethos:

We lead with empathy, compassion & self-awareness

We believe that integrity, empathy, compassion and self-awareness are not only vital to personal growth and development, but crucial to the success of all professional business endeavors.

We embrace a growth mindset

We step outside of our comfort zone, even when it's uncomfortable. We learn from our successes, but learn even more from our missteps. Our hearts and minds are open to growth and we stay forever curious.

We strive for excellence in all that we do

We hold each other and ourselves to the highest standard. We’re committed to delivering best-in-class experiences for our clients and are always looking for ways to improve individually and collectively as a team.

We build a sense of belonging every day

We are passionate about building exceptional teams. We embrace inclusion and keep an open door to different perspectives, new ideas and all forms of innovation.

We care for each other, our families and our communities

We deeply and genuinely care about each other, our clients, our partners and our communities. We look out for each other and take every opportunity we can to uplift each other and the individuals who make up our communities.

Our team

MineCheck's Leadership Team

Kyle Sidles

Co-founder & CEO

Kyle possesses a deep understanding of computer technologies, including database design, programming, network infrastructure and application deployment. Kyle has directed teams of developers in the United States, India, and China to successfully build and launch over 200 various software projects. After being introduced to cryptocurrencies in late 2013, he shifted his focus from software development to building mining infrastructure. Since making this transition, he has become knowledgeable in all aspects of building and running large scale data centers focused on blockchain processing.

Darton Rose


Darton’s decade-plus career in technology startups, technology services, sales, management and business development has provided him with unique insights into the business opportunities in our technologically integrated, data-driven world.


Katie Rose


With over 10 years of experience in web, print and digital marketing, Katie excels at bringing a nuanced understanding of effective digital marketing, social media marketing and traditional marketing strategies.

Katie earned her Bachelors in Communications from Stonehill College in Easton, Massachusetts, her Masters degree in Marketing from Southern New Hampshire University, and a graduate-level Social Media Certificate from Southern New Hampshire University.

Kevin Abood

Lead Advisor

Kevin joins Minecheck as a strategic advisor with over 15 years’ experience in software as a service go to market execution.

With a strong strategic experience in SaaS-based monitoring services, he brings a unique depth of knowledge to help accelerate Minechecks penetration into the market.

Kevin calls New Hampshire home and continues to focus on building and supporting the local tech-startup community.


About Us

OUR TEAM IS Experienced

We have been building complex software solutions for more than a decade. We entered the digital mining industry in its infancy and have a wide range of experience operating complex mining and hardware operations. We are entrepreneurs at heart with a passion for technology’s capabilities and maintain a commitment to delivering excellence.

OUR IDEAS ARE Future Focused

The world is forever changing, as is technology. We embrace this change daily and focus on delivering forward-thinking ideas and concepts to everything we touch. We believe the decentralized finance movement is just getting started and are confident that the need for more compute is going to increase exponentially in the years to come.


Our software products are meticulously designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. We strive to build systems that save human beings time and improve their professional lives, allowing greater flexibility in other areas of their lives.

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